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Analytical Instruments

Analytical lab instruments encompass a wide range of instrumentation whose principle purpose is to qualitatively and quantitatively analyze samples; the chemical makeup of a sample and the quantity of each component within a sample.

Our products mainly focus Analytical lab instrumentation includes those used within spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, electrochemical analysis, thermal analysis, separation analysis, microscopy, and the various hybrid technologies.

Petroleum Testing Equipment

Petroleum testing is most commonly used in the petroleum industry, to test product, product components and petroleum byproducts of crude oil, fuel, natural gas, shale oil, and upstream oil and gas. Other petroleum testing applications: Instruments exist to test all aspects of petroleum – everything from viscosity, to flash point, ability to reduce friction, and different measurements of physical properties, purity, behavior and stability.

Laboratory Equipment

Smart Science provides innovative, quality scientific research equipment from top-tier suppliers.

Laboratories require a variety of equipment and instrumentation to run tests and research. These staples, workhouse general lab equipment can be found across various laboratories across disciplines and markets.

Environmental Analyzers

The environmental analysis is carried out to determine various environmental factors and their potential impact on a company. On the basis of a corresponding environmental analysis, companies are better able to assess their future market opportunities and risks. Overall, an environmental analysis may also serve to assess market attractiveness. Reach us to fulfill your requirement.

Glassware and Consumables

Laboratory glassware from the basic element to the finished equipment – from burettes to pycnometers. It’s essential to select the right bottles, flasks, jars, beakers and accessories to support your research. Some labs require the inert, heat-resistant, and customizable qualities, while others prefer the price and durability of plasticware.

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